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Helder Guimaraes - Red Mirror

Helder Guimaraes - Red Mirror

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Red Mirroris a look inside the mind of a world-class performer and FISM champion who many consider the most important magician of his generation.

Helder Guimar?es is a studied practitioner of both magic and theatre with an experienced understanding of the arts. Offered on this volume is a collection of ten original card routines, but more importantly, his creative process and thinking behind each.

"Watching Helder will make you a better magician."- Derek DelGaudio

Each routine has been broken down into its own segment and includes a separate studio performance and explanation. Helder then provides commentary after each effect, in which he discusses its development and offers ideas for you to take it further.

Besides the many sleights Helder utilizes to achieve his effects, the Ascanio Spread, Stuart Gordon Double Turnover, and Elmsely Count have their own special segments and offer detailed instruction on their technique.

Learn premier card magic from a master and gain invaluable insight into the art.

Over 3.5 hours featuring a live performance at The Magic Castle, an interview, studio performances and explanations shot with multiple HD cameras for superior picture quality and coverage, effect commentary, bad english and more!


In this one-on-one interview, Helder discusses his background in magic and theatre, why he specializes in card magic, his thinking process, how he constructs routines, practices, and so on. Full of wonderful advice and an inspiring look into one of the most important magicians of his generation, you won’t want to pass this up.

2010 Lecture

Excerpts from Helder’s 2010 Los Angeles lecture. Features discussions about magic and a performance of an impossible Cards Across routine to leave you in wonder.


In this section of the DVD you will discover a fun bonus effect, credits and if your lucky a couple more routines that have been hidden. Yes, these are the easter eggs you've heard about. Happy hunting!