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Ken Krenzel - The Pass

Ken Krenzel - The Pass

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hello, your order is download magic product , send via email please tell me your email address if you acceptbest wishes product description:  Though an "amateur," Ken Krenzel is known within the magic fraternity as a leading exponent of expert sleight-of-hand with cards. He is perhaps under-recognized by today's generation of magic enthusiasts. 

Many observers consider Krenzel to be one the all-time greats at executing The Pass. Now you can learn his methods and get some "inside" tips on how to master this essential card sleight. 

The Classic Pass 
Common Mistakes 
The Pass as a Colour Change 
ken's Preferred Method 
The Jiggle Pass 
The Top Card Cover Pass 
The Top and Bottom Card Pass 
How To Practise The Pass 
The Single Card Pass 
Reversing a Card With The Single Card Pass 
The Sendax Tap Pass 
The Herrmann Turnover Pass 
The Expert Card Technique Pass 
The Jack Miller Pass 
The KE Pass 
The Dribble Pass 
The Marlo Dribble Pass 
The Louis Histed Packet Pass 
LePaul's Spread Pass 
The Leipzig Pass 

Ken gives demonstrations of his mastery of the Pass, and Gary Ouellet is the man asking the questions. His pointers on practising the Pass should be well noted too. 

This is Volume 4 of Ken's video series from L&L. It is a VHS (tape) rip & the audio/video synch is off. Running Time: 67 mins 

If you have difficulties playing this file, try the just-updated release of the open source (and free) VLC Player. 

Harry Lorayne said "When Ken Krenzel performed the material in (one of his books) for me I knew then and there how good it was, and what a great contribution it'd be to the art I love - card magic".