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Joshua Jay - Talk About Tricks 3sets

Joshua Jay - Talk About Tricks 3sets

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Joshua Jay - Talk About Tricks 3sets

Eric Buss, Bob Farmer, Martin Gardner, Larry Jennings, Ed Marlo, David Parr,Gaston Quieto, David Solomon, Gregory Wilson...... Joshua Jay is joined by Felipe Abreu, Paul Cummins, Joel Givens, Rune Klan, John Lovick, Raj Madhok, Rick Maue, and Francis Menotti as the perform and explain more than 90 of the routines and techniques that have been featured in Jay's monthly column "Talk About Tricks" that appears in MAGIC Magazine. You get seven hours of magic on this three disc set.   Disc One:Routines include: Oil And Water (William Eston, Ed Marlo, Yannick Chretien), Kicking Ace-Easy Oil And Water-Outjogged Oil And Water-Reflipped, Change For A Twenty (Adam Ryan), Impromptu Hit Man (Rune Klan), Punken Droker (Paul Cummins), Ten For Ten (Yves Doumergue, performance only), Exdislycally Shunuffled (Francis Menotti), Gold From Straw Elevator (David Solomon), Sweet Straw (Joel Givens), and 242 Deal (Richard Vollmer). Also includes 11 techniques, interviews, bonus tricks, contributors' footage and more. Disc Two:Routines include: Open Perception (Raj Madhok), Any Card At Any Page Number (Joshua Jay), Ninja Coin (Joe Givens), Riding The Wave (Rick Maue), Llasser Open Prediction (Manuel Llasser), Mates Prediction (William Eston), Tap A Lack (Paul Cummins, performance only), Across Coins (Joel Givens), Kickback (Ryan Swigert), Switch (John Lovick), Illegally Yours (Gregory Wilson), I Dream Of Mindreading (John Lovick), Beard Book (Rune Klan), Coins Through Floor (Rune Klan), and My Lady Other Ring (John Lovick). Also includes 13 techniques, interviews, behind the scenes footage and more. Disc Three:Routines include: Time is Money (Asi Wind, performance only), Laser Aces (Joel Givens), Kings Face Aces (Adam Ryan), Muck You (Derek Delgaudio), Here And There (Ken Garr), Coin And Bottle (Rune Klan), Proof Positive (David Parr, performance only), Piano Seance (Raj Madhok), The Trick that Was not(Paul Cummins, performance only), Palm Prick (Felipe Abreu), Overlap Hofzinser (Mark Aspiazu, Joshua Jay), Paper Balls (Peter Lentini), Threesome (Jason Dean), and Matches All Gone (Joel Givens). Also includes 9 techniques, interviews, behind the scenes footage and more. Encoded for worldwide viewing. Produced by L&L Publishing. Original release date: July 2007. Running time: Approximately 420 minutes.