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About Us

Welcome to, the home of luxury jewelry brands for men and women. Despite the constant changes in fashion trends, never disappoints. For many years, thousands and thousands of men and women around the globe have enjoyed the excellence and sophistication of our fine jewelry brands. is the premier provider of wholesale costume jewelry, wholesale fashion jewelry and wholesale jewelry. As wholesale jewelry distributors, we are here to meet your company's business needs. We are the first hand importer, manufacturer and wholesaler fashion costume jewelry and accessories company in New York. As wholesale jewelry distributors, we understand that your company's time and money are valuable resources. All of our wholesale costume jewelry, wholesale fashion jewelry and wholesale jewelry are of the highest quality and at the most affordable price point.

Part of's key to success is our commitment to staying relevant. We look around our culture, which is bursting in a place like New York City, and the world, for what is hot, right now. When American Indian turquoise jewelry and long feather earrings became hot, we distributed them. When fashion designers like Jil Sander painted the catwalk neon, we went on a neon rage. When Roberto Cavalli, Fendi and Matthew Williamson decided to take a walk on the wild side with outrageous animal prints, our fashion and accessories went even wilder.

Another contributing factor to our success is our variety. We sell fashion, accessories and things for fashion and accessories. Our materials are diverse, overlapping and contradictory. For instance, if your customers always thought that gold and silver jewelry could never mix, then you must prepare to wow them with our African jewelry. As the leading wholesale jewelry distributor, we work with forward thinking retailers and resellers; it is our duty to captivate your customers with unexpected and pleasant fashion and accessories. We are not shy when it comes to color, experimenting with varying shapes and employing avant-garde designs because we know that many of your customers are not either.

There is literally something at for everyone. Everyone, from tween girls to mature women, and for every occasion. Whether your target demographics are biker babe rockers, classy sophisticates, bohemian chic, cutesy girly girls or Lady Gaga, your patrons will fall in love with one of our fashions or accessories.

We deliver our selection of items with your customer in mind. The success of our company is our focus on your customer. We choose items with the modern girl and woman in mind. We look to fashion runways, popular television shows and pop culture for inspiration. All of the items that we select have one goal in mind. We want your customers to burst with excitement and say, “I must have that!” We invite you to explore's high quality and affordable collection of goods. The categories that we have created and our internal search bar are here to guide you. If you have any questions, then we hope that we will contact our outstanding customer service. We consider our clients to be our friends. We are here to support any and all of your needs.